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Data Recover


How often do you backup your PC or Laptop? If it were to crash or be stolen, would you lose important data? We recommends installing an external hard drive or a rewritable DVD burner.

In addition to helping you to backup your data safely, we also offer data-recovery services that can try to recover lost files resulting from software conflicts,hardware malfunctions, or viruses.

Data Transfer
If your computer can not be repaired, or if you upgrade, we can help you select a new computer and transfer your data over. Whether you are a business or an individual, we have service options that can fit your needs.

  • * Repair & Upgrades
  • * Data Recovery / Back up
  • * Wireless Network Set up
  • * Business Support
  • * Security Camera
  • * Web Site Design
  • * Web Hosting
  • * Home Theatre

  • Data Recover


    We offers cutting-edge solutions for data loss situations. We have the technical experience to recover your critical data whether you need to recover deleted files, lost or corrupt data from damaged media.

    We can even recover critical data after a static electricity, fires, floods, or other natural disaster, sabotage, viruses, equipment malfunctions, accidents, and user error (deleted files, formatted / f-disked drives).

    We understand that data loss is a serious problem and we are here to find the best solution to your problem. Whether you are a business or an individual, we have service options that can fit your needs.

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    We repair and service laptops & computers locally for home and businesses. We have the necessary laptop & pcs parts to troubleshoot. We offer a comprehensive list of services including:
    *Fast Onsite Service for Wires & Network Administration,
    *Technical Support, & Main Maintaince for Small Business, Consultation, Data Recovery, Backup Systems, Transfer, Software Upgrades & Repair Spyware & Virus Removal, Screen / Keyboad / DC Jack Replacement.
    Whether your computer is just slowing down and full of nasty computer viruses, We can help you get rid of that unwanted junk and get your computer working again.

    Web Sites Design


    A website is one of the most integral parts of any organization. Your website represents your company's image, and a professionally designed web site will give your business a strong boost. A professionally built website can help you increase sales and expose you to thousands of new clients.
    We never use website templates; we build it. We insert pictures, graphics and special effects to your liking.
    We work with your company to develop a site that fulfills all aspects of your business and strategy. Our websites are fast in loading, cross browser, easy to use and navigate with high tech experience.
    We also build a personal or family website, our prices are competitive.